ZUVA Brings Natural Goodness From Africa To Germany

ZUVA Brings Natural Goodness From Africa To Germany

There is a new brand for 100% natural, fair and sustainably grown food from Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe: ZUVA.

ZUVA means “sun” in the African Shona language – and this is exactly what ZUVA products are: sun-kissed and naturally rich in nutrients. ZUVA African Quinoa and ZUVA African Chia are just the beginning – more products will follow soon!

People in remote and rural areas of Africa are traditionally small-scale farmers. They grow enough food for their own needs, but there are limited additional opportunities to sustainably earn money. Illegal poaching and deforestation for charcoal production are increasingly the result. However, cultivating cash crops such as quinoa offers small-scale farmers the opportunity to earn a reliable additional income, and diversify their product portfolio. ZUVA African Quinoa is grown in cooperation with over 1,000 small scale farmers in Zambia, as well as on Amatheon Agri’s own farms.

ZUVA’s vision is for its products to do good. To the people who enjoy them. And to the people who farm them.

ZUVA is currently exclusively available online.