We combine international expertise with local African know-how, and a long-term vision with a sustainable approach.

Amatheon Agri is a European agribusiness and food company, headquartered in Berlin and operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Focusing on farming, trading and food processing, Amatheon integrates its activities along the agricultural value chain. As a triple-bottom-line company, Amatheon acts as an anchor investor in rural areas to uplift neighboring communities economically, socially and environmentally. Its combination of international expertise with local Africa know-how, and a long-term vision with a sustainable approach, makes it set to become a leading player in the African agri sector.

Founded in 2011, Amatheon established its subsidiaries in Zambia in 2012, Uganda in 2013, and Zimbabwe in 2014. During this relatively short timeframe, Amatheon has proven its business model and demonstrated its ability to build large, replicable, scalable platforms – in both farming and food processing. With over USD 100 million invested in its operations so far, Amatheon believes that the key to unlocking Sub-Saharan Africa’s vast agricultural potential is combining world-class farming techniques, partnerships with smallholder farmers, and vertical value chain integration.

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Senior Executives

Carl Heinrich Bruhn

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

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Herwig Tilly

Director of
Farming Division

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Victoria Cavanagh

Director of International
Sales & Marketing

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Max Sturm

Chief Financial

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Supervisory Board

Markus Meister

Supervisory Board Chairman

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Markus Mair

Supervisory Board Member

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Hans-Jörg Gatt

Supervisory Board Member

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Troy Minne

Managing Director

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Laura Schenck

Sustainability and Quality Controls Manager

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Suzanne Fleury

Group Legal

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Michael Ledwith

CEO of the
Real Meat Africa Group

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Simangaliso Mangena

General Manager

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Our Staff

Recognising that its success relies on the calibre and capabilities of its staff, Amatheon aims to attract, motivate and retain the best talent by being an inspiring, supportive and rewarding employer. Amatheon prioritises fair and safe working conditions for all employees, zero corruption, non-discrimination, and upholding internationally recognized human rights. Amatheon commits to the highest health and safety standards, ensures grievance mechanisms to address misconduct, actively monitors adherence to labor laws and upholds international human rights. Amatheon is also a participant of the UN Global Compact initiative which advocates for the adherence to ten principles comprising of human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption.