The Real Meat Africa Company Successfully Pitches First Sales Conference

LUSAKA – The Real Meat Africa Company hosted its first Sales Conference – IGNITE – last month to promote an understanding and appreciation of the entire meat business. The conference addressed all personnel involved in sales execution – from butcheries and meat depots through to Field Officers – and was accompanied by various presentations from experts of the meat and marketing industries. All presentations showcased the often unknown structure of the entire meat chain and highlighted the importance of a motivated, committed and responsible-minded team in order to further boost the Real Meat Africa Company through sales, product quality and visibility.Ignite logo

Moreover, due to an engaging series of activities and break-out sessions, the conference became a great opportunity to transfer knowledge, build and define departmental goals with senior leaders, as well as to exchange the fundamentals of sales and customer service in a joyful and casual way. Team competitions, an array of prizes and rewards for outstanding individual performances guaranteed a thrilling and inclusive event after which nobody left empty-handed.

The IGNITE Sales Conference brought all attendees closely together, clearly communicated upcoming activities, and created an energizing and motivating environment. New marketing activities such as the Woman Team Building event are planned for the near future.