Amatheon Agri Opens New Processing Facilities And Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary In Zambia

Amatheon Agri Zambia Ltd. has today inaugurated new processing facilities for spices and superfoods, as the agricultural company celebrates its 10th anniversary in the country. The new facilities – a Spice Factory and a Superfood Factory – are located on the company’s farm in Mumbwa District and are the first of its kind in the region. Spices and superfoods grown by Amatheon Agri and in partnership with surrounding smallholder farmers in the company’s Outgrower Programme will be cleaned, processed and packed for export on-site. This in-country value addition facilitates a direct link for the company and the surrounding communities to greater product diversity, higher incomes and international markets.


Chillies are grown by Amatheon Agri and in partnership with surrounding smallholder farmers in the company’s Outgrower Programme.

Spice and superfood processing

As part of its diversification strategy, Amatheon Agri Zambia began large-scale plantings of various chilli varieties in 2020. As the global demand for chillies is hot, Amatheon’s processing facility will allow for products to be whole-dried, flaked or milled, and exported as end-products to offtakers around the world.

“The investment created here in Mumbwa leads to greater opportunities for farmers in the whole district,” said Founder and CEO of Amatheon Agri Holding N.V., Carl Heinrich Bruhn. “Integrating farming and processing is the best way to ensure the long term sustainability, and by opening these new facilities we are unlocking the pathway to substantial new markets and higher profitability,” said Bruhn.

The Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, Honourable Mike Elton Mposha officially inaugurated the facilities during a ribbon cutting ceremony, and thanked the Amatheon team for their further investment into value addition and rural livelihoods.

“Amatheon Agri Zambia is a leading example of an integrated and inclusive farming model,” said Honourable Mposha. “Today, we proudly open these facilities to supply Zambian spices to the world” he said.

Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Mtolo Phiri, said that the new facilties will help raise the profile of Zambian products in international markets. “The impact of these new processing facilities will be felt not just in Mumbwa District but in the Zambian agriculture sector as a whole,” said Honourable Phiri.

Ambassador of Germany to Zambia, Her Excellency Dr. Anne Wagner-Mitchell, also attended the event and observed the streamlined value chains.

“On my second visit to Amatheon Agri Zambia this year, I can already see the impressive progress in value addition which is beneficial for the whole region, said Ambassador Dr. Wagner-Mitchell.

Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, Honourable Mike Mposha, was Guest of Honour at the opening of Amatheon Agri’s new processing facilities in Mumbwa.


Export opportunities 

Amatheon Agri pioneered superfood production in Zambia, and began supplying chia seeds and quinoa to European markets in 2019. Since then it has expanded its portfolio and volume, and has introduced these products to smallholder farmers in its Outgrower Programme – thus providing an alternative and higher-income market to rural communities.

“Without Amatheon’s investment into these processing facilities, growing chillies or superfoods is not feasible in this area,” said Amatheon Agri Zambia Managing Director, Troy Minne. “We are now exporting top quality and certified products directly from origin, and share this opportunity with our neighboring communities,” said Minne.


The delegation was shown around the new processing facilities on Amatheon Agri’s farm, where spices will be cleaned, processed and packed for export on-site.



10th anniversary in Zambia

Today’s opening event is particularly jubilant, as the company also celebrates 10 years of incorporation in Zambia.
“We are very proud of all that’s been achieved over the past decade,” said “It’s a result of a highly motivated team and close cooperation with all stakeholders.”

“With this base, we look forward to further success in the coming 10 years too,” he said.  Alongside spices and superfoods, Amatheon Agri Zambia also produces commidities for domestic and regional markets.